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How to put in attractive door separating livingroom from bedroom in a 60 inch open doorway

I have a 60-inch open doorway separating my living room and what used to be a den. We have now made the den a bedroom. However, we are at a loss as to how to put in an attractive door. The walls are paneled and we can't get paneling to match if we closed in space for a regular size door. Currently we are using drapes that are cascaded back on both sides with decorative tie backs, but would prefer a door. Any ideas?
Submitted by rpervier

You could install pre-hung 2'6" double doors which would look nice and if it was eventually turned back into a den would work well.  You could even do some obsure glass and/or some panes in the doors to give it a more attractive look.  We installed these in a master suite addition that came right off the family room and it looks great.

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