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How can I shield the morning sun on a large picture window without blocking the view?

My home was built in 1952 and has the typical living room picture window of that time period, with two small windows on each side and a wooden valance above. I need some kind of window treatment to help with the morning sun, but I like being able to look out the window with a clear view. Would you have any suggestions about how to shield the morning sun without blocking the view the rest of the day?
Submitted by jasteedly981

You could replace your window with low-E glass to block ultraviolet light and solar heat rays while maintaining visual clarity. A new window can help make your room more comfortable year-round. Contact a reputable window dealer in your area to discuss your options. If you would rather cover the window you have, you can experiment online with Try-a-Window-Treatment.


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Another option is to do what I did with my South facing 1950's Ranch home's large picture windows. The sun is so intense it totally faded my couch and chair in only a few years. I found custom solar shades (at a local paint store that sells solar shades) that allow me to pull it down in the morning and up in the afternoon. These shades are manufactured in a 85% to 15% manner. I can see through them while they keep the sun and heat out of my home. This was the best $500.00 I ever spent!
Submitted by wordspictures