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colors for kitchen

I have forrest green counter top and oak cabinets. What colors can I use in my kitchen?
Submitted by tbrown205

Wow! Sounds like it's time for a bit of a spruce up. Without seeing the countertop and shade of your oak cabinets, it's hard to recommend specific colors. If your countertops are laminate, would you consider having new ones installed? If that's out of your budget, I'd check out Countertop Transformations: It's a DIY-friendly project that can completely transform the look of your kitchen. If you're debating which wall color would look good with your cabinetry, screw off a door and visit your local home improvement store--and if you decide to spruce up the countertops, take that color swatch with you, too. If you're in need of inspiration to sharpen the vision for your new space, pick up some magazines (I'm mighty partial to Kitchen and Bath Ideas...because I write for it, haha!) and browse some slide shows on Hope this helps; best of luck!


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Id use light green,yellow,tands
Submitted by rbdmpp