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What are some young and fun living room decorating ideas?

I'm 25 and just bought my first home. I liked the color scheme when i first moved in, but now feel that it isn't me at all and is too "grown-up" feeling. The one room I am completely stumped on how to decorate is my living room. It is a dark chocolate brown with white trim, chair rail molding, and a white decorative fireplace. The problem is all my furniture is brown too, and since I'm stuck with my furniture, I want to paint my walls, but I'm stumped on finding an age appropriate color scheme.
Submitted by mjunker1

Congratulations on your new home! It’s great that you waited until you lived in the space a while before deciding to redecorate.  It’s always difficult to decide how you feel about a space until you know how it works for you.  We love chocolate brown paint, but with brown furniture it’s just not going to work.  The good news is that it is much cheaper to paint the walls than it is to buy new furniture.   We suggest you think of your room as an outfit, and decide on your new color scheme from there.  If your pants were the color of your sofa, your jewelry is the finish of your lamps/accessories, what color sweater would you choose (that can be your wall color). Add a scarf—that’s your rug. Thinking of color this way is much less intimidating and much easier to picture. Happy Decorating!

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i think you can try painting the bottom half white incliding the chairrail and the top a pastel blue or sunny yellow
Submitted by jud0612