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What flooring options are best for kitchens?

My kitchen still has the old linoleum. It has held up really well, but Iím ready for a change. Whatís the next best thing in flooring?
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Linoleum was long the stalwart kitchen floor covering,and for good reason. It could easily last 50 years,was inexpensive,and people liked the look. And in spite of all the new options in flooring,one popular choice is a new kind of linoleum from Armstrong and Forbo offering more color choices and the advantage of being an environmentally friendly,natural product. Bamboo and cork are other eco-friendly choices.

Tile is a classic choice for kitchens. Choose tiles with a class 3 rating for abrasion resistance and,for slip resistance,go with high COF numbers (coefficient of friction). Large stone tiles create a dramatic look,but you’ll find that granite,slate,limestone,and marble can be quite expensive. Laminate flooring mimics the look of stone at a much lower cost.

Hardwood in the kitchen has become an acceptable choice in spite of the potential for water damage. Extending hardwood from adjacent rooms into the kitchen can be visually pleasing,but be sure to save a number of matching planks for later use if it ever becomes necessary to pull up pieces and replace them.

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