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To Remodel or Not to Remodel, That Is The Question!

Lauren: My wife, daughter and I live in a wonderful 3,800 sq ft English Country Cottage (circa 1925) on 2+ acres & a small lake in Minnetonka, MN. The kitchen was updated in the 80s, but I feel it is time to remodel again. The high-quality, but old, appliances are starting to fail and the room's layout was not designed for cooking. My wife does not cook at all, so she sees no need for any work to be done (her coffee maker works fine!). Would YOU remodel and how much would you spend? Thanks!
Submitted by dbneary

Hey, DB- Kitchen remodels top the list for desirable projects when it comes to return on investment; it also can help your home stand out from the competition when it's on the market. Do you and your wife plan to sell soon? If so, I'd say to remodel now. With the decrease in demand for work from contractors, both labor and material costs are down, and now is a great time to remodel. If, however, you plan to stay put for a while, I suppose there's no rush. Are these appliances in serious states of disrepair? I don't cook too frequently either, but I LOVE entertaining, and the idea of having my oven or stove out of commission sounds dreadful. My best advice would be to have a chat with your wife about how long you plan to stay where you live. If a FOR SALE sign is in the not-so-distant future, take advantage of the steals and deals that are out there. Your home (and Uncle Sam) will thank you.

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I would NOT remodel. If your wife doesnt cook and you are not saying "I have to have a new kitchen" then it is likely not worth it. Kitchens cost a lot to remodel and are a big inconvenience. So if you arent excited about the project it likely isnt worth doing and probably not a great investment. There is a "Should i remodel" decision making tool available online.. they also have lots of free to use remodel cost calculators. good luck!
Submitted by strinter