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Can I install a cooktop under a window?

I am having my kitchen remodeled. Can a stove top be placed under a window? If so, why don't we see it more often? If not, then why?
Submitted by lanastos3521939

Great question. While a cooktop under a window may seem picturesque, it's not so great to keep clean. If you have a gas cooktop, any breeze blowing through the open window would disrupt the flame. And if you're a messy cooker as I often am, I imagine you'd be constantly cleaning the window to clear the grime and splatters that often result from cooktop use. My advice: find a stunning and EASY-TO-CLEAN backsplash tile and stick to a standard installation. It, too, can serve as a lovely focal point and be much easier to care for.

Good luck!


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