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Replacing existing countertop

What are pros & cons of a surface of thin layered concrete overlay, color pigment, and clear high gloss finish, all on top of existing laminate countertop? Thank you.
Submitted by jjharvey2

The chance for a really neat color and look would certainly be a pro.  The customizable nature of concrete allows for a truly one-of-a-kind countertop and I know with the right additives and finishes you can create a nice looking and durable job. The cons would have to include cracking, concrete cracks, porousness (concrete is pourous!) and overall durability.  Also, the question is about pouring these over existing laminate.  Of course this will create a countertop higher than standard ( 2” or so?) and I would be concerned that the pressboard substrate of the laminate would not be strong enough to support the new countertop since concrete can be heavy.
I have seen some excellent concrete countertop installations, and some terrible ones.

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