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Painting Oak Cabinets

We will be painting our kitchen cabinets. They are in very good condition. Made of red oak. We will be painting them a creamy white. What tips do you have for a finished product with no grain showing, and a harder enamel-type finish? Thank you!!!!!!
Submitted by catpilon

I'm not a painter by trade, so I think you would also want to speak to a painting contractor about this.  One thought I have on this would be to sand the cabinets as smooth as possible, prime, sand down again, re-prime and then paint.  I primer with a lot of solids should be used since that will work better at filling in the low spots. It might not be a bad idea to visit a paint shop where the professionals shop--the folks who work there really know their stuff and can help you pick the product and tools necessary to get the end product you desire.

Good luck!

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Thank you! Good advice!!!
Submitted by catpilon