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Painting in Kitchen

Hi, I want to paint over some wallpaper in my kitchen that have been up for a long time. How do I begin the project? Also, could you recommend some pretty kitchen color I can use. Thanks
Submitted by vdavis457495

Funny you should ask. I got together with a friend of mine after work last night, and our conversation immediately turned to her always-growing list of home improvement projects. Do you know what tops her list? Stripping wallpaper in a half-bath that the previous owners just painted over. "It may have been the easiest option for them, rather than taking down the wallpaper, but it looks AWFUL," she says. "I just don't know how they could stand to look at it everyday!."

That being said, consider this: The kitchen is the heart of the home. You and your guests spend a lot of time in this space, and it's not an area to cut corners. Walls take up a lot of real estate in our homes. It may be easy in the moment to paint over wallpaper, but when you decide to sell, this will have to be addressed. So really, it becomes a matter of WHEN you have to strip the wallpaper and repaint. To me, it just makes sense to do it right the first time, rather than go through the hassle of painting the room twice.

Could you take some photos of your kitchen so we can get a better sense of the space, materials, and surfaces used? That way we'll be able to recommend some paint colors that work with what you have.


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