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Oak Kitchen Cabinets

We have natural oak cabinets that we would like to change. We will be selling our house next year and do not want to invest too much in them. They are a light oak now. What is the most popular cabinet color now?
Submitted by estephens57

Congratulations on your decision to spruce up your kitchen! Changing the color of your cabinets is a fun and easy way to reinvigorate a kitchen and make it feel like new. When it comes to kitchen cabinets colors, you can never go wrong with white; it is crisp and clean and goes great with any color palette. White reflects light so it will naturally brighten your kitchen and be a draw for potential home buyers. 

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Oak cabinets are considered out dated.Maple and birch but mostly Maple are the big sellers along with design changes in styles. Going darker is also popular.Stay away from golden oak. You could do a light sanding over all surfaces and apply a darker stain/sealer with cloth then apply a clear coat of urethane for a quick up grade or take all doors and drawers off and strip using a gel stripper.The later is more work but better results.
Submitted by allorconstruct