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I am planning to replace my formica counters in my kitchen. My kitchen is open, part of dinning, family etc. Recently I have seen some information on Granicrete. What do you know/think about it? I haven't found any evaluation online. Thank You!
Submitted by maryrwilson

I have never used the Granicrete product, but do know that it's a resurfacing product instead of an entire replacement of your countertops.  It is like a mastic or concrete-like material that can be put over most existing countertops. It is obviously a more cost effective option for having your countertop redone instead of having new formica, granite or quartz based countertops installed. 

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Sounds to me granicrete or what ever you want to call it is simply made of concrete to be made to look like granite.There are many ways to use concrete to create a counter top to look like different types of natural stones by stamping it or dyeing it.
Submitted by allorconstruct