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Do you have any ideas for a budget kitchen remodeling?

Iím ready to remodel my kitchen, but the budget is tight. Where can I put my money to best use?
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

I would start by evaluating your appliances. Manufacturers have made huge gains in their products’ energy efficiency and practicality in recent years. You may be able to save substantially on your electricity costs simply by replacing your refrigerator. And the new models have all sorts of interesting features you might like. 

If you want a new look without spending a lot of money, the way to get it is with paint. You’re probably not looking at changing the floor plan, so rearrange things visually with surprising doses of color. High-quality cabinetry is phenomenally expensive, so, if possible, paint what you have or replace just the doors and drawer fronts. New hardware can offer a big boost as well. Laminate flooring and countertops are the most economical materials for those surfaces. 

If you are an accomplished do-it-yourselfer, you may be able to save money by doing some of the work yourself. If you will be working with a professional remodeler, be sure to negotiate a division of labor ahead of time that is suitable for you both. Our video offers more budget-saving remodeling ideas.


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Submitted by strinter
--- breaks down the cost so you can see about where your money goes and it shows you can save about 30% in these areas. Good luck!
Submitted by strinter
---cabinets and the countertop. Cabinets have to withstand a lot of abuse - they are expensive to buy and replace so put your money in these. Sinks - again expenisve to replace so buy theones that will hold up over the long haul. Countertops..usually screwed and glued down so not easy to replace. Get quartz - it is on the expensive side but is the best material out there for kitchen countertops - has a remodel cost calculator that ----
Submitted by strinter
Here are my 2 cents on where to save and not save on a kitchen remodel...first where to save: Backsplash - you dont need one at least short term. Reuse the old appliances, faucets and light fixtures. They are relatively easy to replace when you have the $ to replace them. Also you can consider using vinyl or other inexpensive flooring for a few years then upgrade to tile or hardwood or what every you REALLY want. Dont move outlets or plumbing fixtures etc. Places NOT to scrimp ---
Submitted by strinter