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Can I paint my kitchen countertop?

Is there any safe paint out there that I can use to paint my plastic laminate kitchen countertop?


Submitted by maritzad

There are more options than ever for changing the color of your laminate counter tops. Most require a two-to three-step process. First, you will need to clean the counters thoroughly. You will then need to lightly sand all areas to help the primer adhere. Use a good primer like Kilz and apply with a foam roller. Do this slowly to avoid air bubbles. Once everything is completely dry, lightly sand again and wipe down. Some of the more well-known paint manufacturers have products just for this, some that even look like granite or stone. Two coats will usually be enough. Lightly sand and wipe down between coats. After the final coat has dried, apply polyurethane with a foam roller. You can apply as many coats as you like to achieve the desired finish.


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Or you can buy an all inclusive Giani Granite Paint for counters kit. This is easy and beautiful!-
Submitted by ashleynfleming