Can a stove be put in a corner arrangement in a kitchen?

I am trying to make the most of space in a very tiny kitchen. I have seen layouts with the sink placed in a corner, but I am wondering if this is really practical.

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If placing your cooking surface in the corner creates more usable counter space to the left and right of the cooking surface, and you still have easy access to the sink, this could be a very practical solution for you. But I would suggest you consider a cooktop rather than a freestanding range (or stove) to best fit your corner cooking area. A cooktop is inserted in a cutout in your countertop, so you can position it just about any way you like in your kitchen design. (Remember, you’ll also need to buy a separate oven). In a corner application, cook tops are normally installed above a corner, sink-base cabinet. All cooking surfaces require a vent to remove cooking smoke and vapors from the room, so consider a cook top that has a built-in, down-draft vent, or get an overhead vent hood. Re-arranging a kitchen like this creates kind of a domino effect of changes, so it would be worth visiting your local kitchen design showroom and paying for a simple layout from a designer so you don’t accidentally overlook something that might present a conflict in your tight space. They can also help you make sure your cooking area ends up safe and in compliance with building code standards.

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We've done several designs using corner cooktops or ranges with great design success. It makes for a great work area around the range. The only catch is that it eats up a lot of space. If you have a 'tiny' kitchen then I would not recommend a corner application for your range. It will take up too much counter space and will also create a big dead space behind the range. If your kitchen is tiny you might be better off with a lazy Susan in the corner. Joel @ The Renovation Place
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