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What is the best order for completing kitchen remodeling projects?

I'm ripping out and replacing base cabinets, replacing an existing sink with an undermount and adding dishwasher and new countertops. What is the best order to do these jobs? I'm going to rip out the old stuff myself. Do I leave the sink connected, but supported by something? Do I measure first and then rip out? Then what goes in next? new dishwasher and sink? Does the countertop guy have to work along side the plumber?
Submitted by susieq06759

If you are using a new undermount sink, it sounds like you will be using granite or quartz.  You should be sure to coordinate the sink install with the fabricator, first of all. Generally the procedure will be: turn off and disconnect all plumbing (sink, dishwasher,disposer) remove the old tops, install new tops, re-connect old or new stuff. I don’t think you will be able to keep your old sink in place unless you were to rig something since the are supported by the cabinet. A good counter installer should be able to handle the whole thing for you…it’s what they do.  Also be sure to think about the backsplash you have (if any) and the new height of the granite.  I have seen a few of these replacement jobs where they have not though about these details.

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