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What can I do about water on my garage floor?

When I drive in my garage after a snowstorm, my garage floor fills up with slush and water. My contractor did not put a drain in the middle of my floor or slant it properly. Can I make him come back to correct it? My home is 3 years old now and I am sick of sweeping it out to get all the water out...and it is doing a number on my drywall? Thanks.
Submitted by 1960Jewel

In most states I would think 3 years is past the time a contractor legally would have to come back and make things right but you will not know until you ask. As far as keeping out the water, it sounds like there is more than what drips off your car when you drive in.  Check the grade of the driveway and make sure water is running away from the entrance.  You may also need to have someone cut some new drains for your floor to help keep if clean and dry.  Sounds like a pretty major problem if the wallboard is in contact with water…perfect recipe for mold.  Make sure you have this checked out.

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