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Can you help with design ideas for an addition?

We have a story-and-a-half older home and are planning to add a two-car garage with storage area for hockey equipment, an entryway between the house and garage, and a first-floor master bedroom suite with walk-in closet behind the garage. Can you help with ideas on layout and design for this project? We are also are putting new flooring throughout the house and replacing the kitchen cabinets.
Submitted by servsen

On a project this large, we would highly recommend that you interview a few remodeling contractors, making sure that they have done similar projects recently. Use this interview process to find someone you are comfortable working with and who you feel has the expertise to take on this type of a project. If you want apples to apples estimates among contractors, you will need to have plans drawn first and have each contrator bid on the same set of plans. We suggest you interview the contractors and contact their references. Be sure the references are for jobs similar in scope to your large project. A good place to start is to look for contractors who are members of NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry). Also, know your budget. Share that with the contractors so they don’t draw up something that is out of your budget. 

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