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What is the best carpet to buy for my home?

I am planning to replace the carpet in my living room, dining room, hallway and master bedroom. What type of carpet is best today? I currently have plush navy blue carpet from the 80s. The time has come to replace!
Submitted by msjones1952

Carpets are much improved over their predecessors from even just ten years ago. Whether it’s made of polyester or nylon, the denser the pile, the better the carpet. Carpet pile weight can vary from 20 to 100 ounces per square foot. Most good residential carpets are about 40 to 45 ounces. The denser the pile, the better it will wear over time. To learn more about the options in carpet, see our video.


Answered by AskAProCraig
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Purchase a top quality carpet if you are planning to stay in that home for some time-it will pay off in the long-term. Second, choose a carpet that fits your lifestyle. Rugspot was referred to me and found their rugs to be made of high quality materials and distinct styles/patterns that suits my lifestyle, my taste and my budget. BTW, there having a sale right now
Submitted by bethblogcomment
Well there are many options to choose from when you need to buy a carpet. I will say choose among the best and that can be between pile fiber, woven or tufted etc. Check out for carpet quality by measuring it's performance and degrading time. Don't buy the ones that get dusty soon enough. Also base the usage factor as if it will be in heavy, light or in medium use.
Submitted by leenapaul76
You can Replace the Carpet if you want so,If you go to market you will find lots of varieties of carpets made out of silk, wool,nylon, polyester,fur and viscose. First you need to plane do you want handmade which has a like,next is if u want to just fill the place with anything which is not Hygienic. If you plane is to buy hand made hand knotted carpet i can suggest you to reach "MIRAS CARPET INDUSTRIES" Suryodai Complex Kodihalli Old Air port Road Bangalore . where u ll find all the ranges..
Submitted by dropin14