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Options for installing solid bamboo flooring over concrete

I have already purchased 5/8" solid bamboo for the first floor (slab on grade) of our 12 yr old home in Savannah, GA. The mfgr ("Homelegend") instr allows for gluing with "Roberts 1408." Even though we have plenty of heat in the summer, the slab floor is pretty cold in winter. I've read articles about floating the floor over a vapor barrier + rigid foam panels + 5/8 T&G OSB. If I were to go this way, I can only use 1/2" rigid foam. Is it worth all the extra effort for an R-3 foam thermal break?
Submitted by matyjasik1969

This will depend on the rest of the colors in the kitchen, the lighting and whether you want the look to be dark or light. A light cherry stain would probably work.

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