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How to seal cement floors with green product?

I have cement floors that were never sealed, just hot waxed. What can we seal them with that is green, I am chemically sensitive. Thanks, Lana Kennedy
Submitted by kennedy

I am glad you added the final note about chemicals. Typically these sealer products are solvent based and while effective have an extremely high VOC (volatile organic compound) content.  The solvent penetrates the porous concrete, delivering the sealer deeper into the surface. With the current green movement there have been many waterbourne sealers introduced to the market.  I have used a few…but none with really good results.  The sealer seems to just sit on the surface and can be easily worn off. I would recommend checking with a company called Prosoco. They are really the innovators in concrete and masonry sealers and I know they have a line of more eco-friendly products. I guess you could wax again but most wax is paraffin based, a petroleum product and I’m not sure how green, or how durable a finish that would be.

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