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how to re-position wall ducts to floor ducts

We are knocking down a kitchen wall and need to cut down the a/c/heater ducts to floor level. We are concerned that they will get full of dirt if on the floor and blow that dirt through the house. Is there a filter or trap available that can be inserted into the floor level duct? Any ideas about what to do for the ducts? They are part of a central heating/ac system built in 1968. Thank you, Judes
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I'm not sure if you're referring to return air ducts or supply but I'll assume you're talking about supply ducts. You should just seal the ducts you are going to shorten. Use 3mil plastic to keep out dust and plywood to keep the plastic from being damaged. You also might want to change your air filter more frequently since the added construction dust will clog the filter quicker and you don't want to damage your unit.

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