Who did this design?

I recently read in your Outdoor Rooms magazine the article Hope for a Slope. I loved the Arizona Flagstone design. Was there a particular contractor or architect that designed it? How can I make my back yard look like this?
Submitted by kaddygirl2

The landscaper for this garden is Greg Bobich; www.designsbysundown.com <http://www.designsbysundown.com>  or 303.789.4400. But if you take these pictures to a good landscaper in your area, they should definitely be able to reproduce that look and feel for you.
By the way: If there are certain products (lights, the furniture, the wall stone, etc.) that you’re interested in, you can find a listing on page 112 of that issue of Outdoor Rooms magazine of where various items were sourced from.
Good luck --- we’d love to see pictures of your yard when you’re done!
---The Better Homes and Gardens staff

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there was an issue last summer of an overhang that was added to a ranch style house. simple but perfect.added appeal. missplaced magazine. any help would be appreciated
Submitted by mcnew_monica