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My outdoor decor keeps blowing away -- how do I anchor it?

I have lots of great outdoor space but live in a very windy area. I have had my 80lb barbeque grill blow over, my teak glider blow over, all of my 30lb+ potted plants blow over. I've even had a cast-alumninum lounge chair fly over a three-foot deck rail and land 40 feet away. How can I anchor everything to keep that decorated look going with the breezes?

Submitted by hweems

Bungee cords anchoring items to a railing or fence can help hold individual items in place, but a more comprehensive solution is to plant a windbreak. A line of densely growing evergreens planted in a position to block the prevailing winds will work. Vertical yews also make a good windbreak, and they grow relatively quickly. 


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I bought "Clear QuakeHold Gel" and it works great.
Submitted by bitbybit