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How can we scale an addition to the size of our house?

We live in a three-bedroom ranch with just under 1000 square feet and would like to add a screened porch or sunroom. How can we choose an appropriate-sized room to be in proportion to our small house?


Submitted by isufloydem

This question is difficult to answer without knowing more about the house, such as door location, ground slope, and the layout around the proposed area. I will say from experience that a 16x16-foot sunroom is a good size. We did a sunroom of this size on a 1000-square-foot ranch and next to the room built a 12x16-foot deck to complement it. The smallest I would go with the room is 12x12-foot. If you construct the addition to be the same height as the floor of the house, tie the fascia boards together, and weave the new roof in with the existing roof, new will blend nicely with old. You might like to see our story on planning home additions.


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