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How do I pick a color for my bedroom walls?

I recently bought a Perry Ellis Asian Lily comforter set and I'm not sure how to paint the walls in the room that I am decorating. I am not a plain white/cream/taupe person, I like color! The comforter set is white, with black and splashes of green. Any suggestions?
Submitted by pimalyn

Painting the walls and adding new bedding is one of the best ways to totally revamp a room on a budget. The comforter you purchased (which is gorgeous by the way) is neutral enough that you still have a lot of freedom in choosing a paint color. Black and white go with anything and there isn’t enough green to interfere with any color choice. The easiest way to decide upon a personal color palette is to imagine the room as an outfit. If you were wearing white (or black) bottoms and green accessories—what color top would you be wearing? What colors do you gravitate towards? If you like the idea of big color, go for it!! You can always repaint when you’re ready to try something new. Happy decorating!


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Go Green! Take your pillow sham to your paint store and match up a nice, light airy green that coordinates with those splashes! Not too dark though. If you hang art... I would suggest it has white mats and black frames. Silver or mirrored lamps and accessories would go nicely! Hope this helps! Good luck!
Submitted by v.hobday