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How can I incorporate my existing furniture into my new decorating style?

We recently moved into a new home and I'm stuck with using the furniture that we have for now. The bedroom furniture is dark cherry. I love bright, sunny, cottage style. Is there a way to use dark furniture with that style? What color should the walls and bedding be?
Submitted by kimskin

Hey, Kim- I totally understand feeling "stuck" with existing furniture after you move into a new home. Truth be told, if it's high-quality stuff, you're lucky--they just don't make furniture today like they used to. :)

Check out this book--it will serve you well: How to Paint Just About Anything is a great guide for not only inspiration, but how to do it right. I cringe at the thought of a dresser I ruined before I knew better--practically no prep work and cheap-cheap paint ruined a beautiful piece. So if you want to transform that dark cherry furniture into something better suited to your cottage style, get ready to dedicate some serious time, but know that the elbow grease will be well worth it!


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