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What color should I paint a girl's room that has pink and green bedding?

I'm trying to find a wall color for my daughter's bedroom. Her furniture is cream and the bedding is bright green, pink and white (think watermelon colors). I don't want the walls white because I want the room to pop, but I have no idea what color to use that won't fight against the bold bedding. Please help!
Submitted by kagenn1

Take a piece of the bedding to your local paint store and match paint chips to the colors in the bedding. Then, take home chips of your top choices to see how the color will look in the room. (The lighting in the room and the lighting at the store will be different, so it's always a good idea to look at a color sample while you're in the room the paint is for.) A lot of home centers and paint stores sell sample jars of paint so you can test out colors.

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I am redoing my granddaughters room in pink orange and green. I thought I would reprint and realize it looks great with the soft gold we already have on walls. I hope this helps,MAS
Submitted by margaretstratman