How do I remove large bathroom mirrors?

We are remodeling our bathroom and trying to make the mirrors smaller. They are 40x46-inches, with a 2 inch beveled edge. Any ideas on how to remove them?
Submitted by c3130

I assume you want to remove the beveled edging.   Your best bet is to find a local glass company that does window/windshed replacement.   Those places will likely have glass cutting equipment that can make precision cuts and probably do it for less than what it would cost for you to buy the proper equipment needed to do the job.  If you wanted cut glass on your own you would need a diamond tipped glass cutter and a pair of glass cutting pliers.  The next hard part will be cutting straight lines on the glass.  Most professional cutters have squares that allow them to run the glass cutter in a straight line, this may be another tool you would want to look for.  And MOST IMPORANT… be careful!  Cutting glass can be extremely dangerous and you can easily hurt yourself  if you don’t use the proper gloves and take the proper precautions.  I would strongly recommend that glass cutting be done by a professional.

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