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Do you have any decorating ideas for a tween girl's room?

I have a tween girl and we need some ideas for remodeling. Do you have any ideas for me?
Submitted by joegaby2

Hey, Joe-

One of the best Spring Break memories I have involves spending the whole week at home with my mom to give my room a "makeover." has some great slide shows to get the creative juices flowing! Hope these help, good luck!



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Choose some floral themes for your room. Paint your walls according to the theme. Choosing a good theme will for sure guide you in the right direction as it has always helped me. Get some good rugs for your room. As you are a teenager you should choose some floral design rugs. There are plenty of rugs and mats available at Lastly, personalize your room according to your needs. This will be best if you are involved in each step of the room decoration. Good luck.
Submitted by zetanumbers
I do not see the date of when you asked this question, but if you have not done anything yet and would like to see a photo of my daughters room we did a few months ago, i will send them to you. It is mainly done in purples with black and silver accents, and she LOVES it!! Jes
Submitted by jessie179