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How can I balance the hot water temperature in my two bathrooms?

In one of the two bathrooms in my house, the water temperature in the shower never gets more than warm and quickly runs out of hot water altogether. The other bathroom is fine. I have just installed a Bock Indirect Water Heater and a Honeywell Oil Electronic Aquastat Controller. Is there a way to increase the water temp in one bathroom shower without decreasing in the other one?
Submitted by backstageras

The newer, indirect water heaters are supposed to regulate temperature within +/- 2 degrees of set point. If you are having fluctuating temperature in only one area of the home, it usually is due to a more localized problem. Most commonly, the culprit is a single handle tub or shower mixing valve. There can be some other causes. The best thing to do is to have a licensed plumbing contractor look into the problem to locate the source of your problem.


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