Do you have some storage ideas for a small bathroom?

We only have one bathroom to serve three bedrooms, and itís tough enough to find space for all the toothbrushes, let alone clean towels and washcloths for everyone. Are there some tricks of the trade for squeezing more storage space into a room that has to serve us all?
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Finding storage space in a small bathroom isn’t easy. So my first suggestion is to limit what you keep in the bathroom to what really needs to be there in the first place. Move everything else out. Most of us don’t clean out the medicine cabinet or the vanity very often. You will be surprised how much room you can gain right there.

You may be able to bulk up on storage space with a tall, narrow box of stacked drawers; some come on wheels. IKEA has all sorts of space-saving storage units you might try. If you have open wall space, that’s prime territory for hanging storage boxes or rods from which you can hang wire racks. It may even be possible to cut into the wall between the studs and build in recessed shelving there. 

If all of this seems overwhelming, you might want to hire a home organization specialist to evaluate your situation for you and offer custom solutions. See our slide show for all sorts of problem/solution scenarios.


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i would say try to think yourself a hire a renovator for bathroom renovations accordingly as you want. it could be batter. (
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A shelf above the entry door would provide a space to store extra towels or toilet paper without taking up any floor space. If you have a vanity, the false drawer under the sink could be converted to a fold out tray like you frequently see in kitchens, perfect for storing toothpaste etc. Wall hung storage is valuable as well, use the largest medicine cabinet possible- use two side by side if practical, a narrow shelf below the medicine cabinet provides a space to lay down a razor, or whatever.
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