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Can you change the color of a marble whirlpool tub?

I love the tub but am just tired of the green from the 80s. Is it possible to change the color?.
Submitted by lcron1696429

Another thought is that you could have cultured marble, which is a type of solid surface made from a mix of polyester resin and marble stone dust. In all my years in the remodeling industry, I have never seen anyone paint cultured marble. If you search online, however, you will find instructions for doing so. If you have cultured marble and wish to paint it, I would advise you to first check with the manufacturer to see if this is possible, then talk with the owner of a paint store for information about the proper preparation, primer, and paint.

It’s not really possible to change the color of marble, but you can change the finish. Faded stone can be cleaned and polished. You can also sand or hone the surface to give it a completely different finish/texture. The grout can also be cleaned and/or colored. 


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I have Early 70's chocolate brown cultured marble tub that I painted White with Klenk's tub and Tile Epoxy. It's holding up well after 8 years but it was a smelly week long process of sanding between 3 coats.
Submitted by kathleenkircho1