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May 27

'90s Scents That Will Take You Back

Today Bath & Body Works re-releases their top scents from the 90s (hello, Cucumber Melon!). Here are more scents offering serious nostalgia.

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May 26

Flea Market Basket Pendant Light

Fear DIY lighting projects no more! This easy project features a metal basket and a purchased light kit for minimum effort and maximum wow factor.

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Brand New DIYs to Try This Weekend

May 25

Must-Have Potluck Side Dish Recipes

Ready to win the potluck? Tote along one of these flavorful side dish recipes. Here you'll find classic potluck recipes for layered salads, pasta salad, baked beans, potato salad, and much more.

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May 24

Deer- and Rabbit-Resistant Plants for Containers

If deer and rabbits are turning your deck into their own personal buffet table, here's a list of plants deer and rabbits will avoid.

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May 23

FREE Recipes from "Better Homes and Gardens" magazine

Have you made the Lemon Berry Pavlovas or the Salmon Pot Pie Casserole yet? The Asparagus Noodle Bowl is also a must-try!

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May 22

Outdoor Fireplace Ideas

Use these outdoor fireplace ideas to give your deck, patio, or backyard living room a dramatic focal point. Browse pictures of fireplace designs for decorating ideas, inspiration, and tips on how to build an outdoor fireplace.

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May 21

Don't Miss the Trend! Try a Buddha Bowl

A Buddha Bowl is a versatile collection of healthy ingredients that come together to make a complete, nutritious meal -- all in a bowl, of course. Bowls are typically piled high with food, resembling Buddha's rounded belly.

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