June 27

Try the Trend: Pretty Painterly Projets

Beautiful things happen when you combine water and paint with home decor! Bring bland accessories to life with this week's Try the Trend focus. You'll love these simple DIY projects featuring painterly patterns.

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June 26

Delectable Summertime Treat: Ice Cream Tacos

It's that time of year for cookouts, picnics, and lots and lots of ice cream! Try this sweet dessert taco to balance out the spice of your next Mexican meal.

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June 25

Summer Birthday? Try These Fun Outdoor Games!

Give your child a birthday party to remember with a host of fun, energetic outdoor games. With a few household supplies and some ingenuity, we dreamed up an afternoon's worth of birthday party games that will have guests giggling until the party's end.

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June 24

Picnic-Perfect Cheesecake-Filled Watermelon

Fill a watermelon shell with graham cracker crumbs, strawberry-flavored cheesecake, and chocolate chips for a cheesecake dessert that looks just like a watermelon!

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June 23

Win the Weekend: Budget Makeovers That Save Big

We love simple DIYs that add value to your home. This week, we're looking at easy, budget-friendly projects that create impactful solutions to fill your home with style and function. With our ideas and how-tos, you'll be ready to win the weekend!

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June 22

Tidy Up: Make the Most of a Small Entryway

Do you feel like your home's main entrance is too tiny? Create the feeling of a grand entry with this week's tips from our Tidy Up content collection

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June 21

Plant Your Plate: Delicious Leafy Greens

Early summer means crisp, fresh salad straight from your garden! And this edition of our weekly Plant Your Plate series focuses on just that: Growing and cooking with the beautiful greens found in your garden.

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